Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It is my first time to read from the devil’s perspective. I am very amazed by how the devil got it all figured out. Just going through Screwtape Letters, there was the devil giving specific and profound instructions to its follow on how to deceive, how to pull down, how to make people lose faith and all sorts of temptations. Yes I do agree that the evil one knows a lot about me, about my weakness and my strengths. Probably as much as God would know about me. But to me that doesn’t seem fair, why would God give power to Satan if he knows he will use it to take His children away.

In the Bible we notice how powerful the devil is. When Jesus finishes his fasting of 40 days, Satan tempts him with bread, which Jesus needed it the most, then Satan shows the whole world and ask to bow down to him and that Satan would give it all to Jesus, then the last temptation is to jump from a high place. The second temptation, Satan shows the world and this means that he too has some power.

So I can conclude that there are ultimately two powers that are in conflict within us. Both are powerful but the hope for us Christians is that God is more powerful than the evil one. It is unfair for Satan to have his powers but being the child of God gives us authority and the power to overcome temptation. I think many people are not aware of that so we easily fall into temptation, but we Christians need to be strong and bold to overcome the evil in this world just as Jesus did in the mountain.

So here is my letter to Screwtape:

Dear Screwtape,

I guess you can’t sleep every single night peacefully because you know that already that when your time is up, your destination in only one, hell. Where do you find your peace Screwtape?
I know that you are screwing around with so many people out there but you know what? We have a God that is all loving and merciful to us, regardless of how much we screw things up.
I exactly know what you want Screwtape, you need Jesus in your life. Once you admit him as your savior and humbly bow down to God, who knows you might be forgiven and you don’t have to entice people to your evil world?
But if you choose not to, then I’m sorry to say Screwtape that you are screwed. You lost your game and you know it well.

Your disaffectionate buddy,

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