Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just ask me

It is always fascinating how CS Lewis writes his theology because it doesn’t read like a theology but like a simple story to be told. Sometimes I get it but other times I am left puzzled by his analogies and examples.

It is my second time finding this paragraph in the readings: “ Lord finds our desires, not too strong but too weak. We are far too easily pleased.”

I approve that we do have too little desires and we hardly ask blessings from God. We feel selfish and unchristian if we do that. But a breakthrough of this thought was presented by Bruce Wilkinson in the book of “The Prayer of Jabez” and suggests that it is ok to ask God to bless us. I remember a lot of people in disbelief about Bruce’s idea but it was convincing to many. I believe in a God who is loving, caring, wealthy, almighty, and so amazing that I cannot describe in words.

Let’s just say a father has a son. The father owns a country, he is the king and he can do whatever he wants to in his land. Later the father has a son. He loves the son so much that he would give him anything. When he asks to play with him he will, when the son asks to buy him a soccer ball the father wants to give him the best. The reason is simply because he loves him so much.

There is a saying I remember: “God’s desire to bless us transcends our desire to be blessed.” Therefore we can ask him to bless us. We have the right as the child of God to ask anything. Maybe we are just too happy with the little things we have but we should boldly ask to do things beyond our imagination.
God loves you.


a3s said...
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a3s said...

Dear Dreamer,

Yes, God wants to give us all, He has all, that little soccer ball is nothing for Him. However, His’ is a heavenly kingdom, and His own son (we are adopted) died on a cross… God wants to give us all but first we need to learn obedience, obedience till death. Only then can He fully satisfy our desires. However, if we ask anything in HIS name, and are under His will, He will supply us here too! Yet, do we really know what it is to be in God’s will? For that to happen we need to KNOW His will, understand His Word, follow the map, and directions that will lead us to our freedom. Unfortunately, many times we see through a heavy fog… we cannot read the signs… If we do not take care enough, we WILL get lost… But we only will keep going if we ‘really desire to serve Him’. Sometimes I think the character of Puddleglum gives me the best lesson. In the Silver Chair (Narnia Chronicles) he burns his hand forcefully in the enchanted fire of the White Witch stating ‘even if Narnia does not exists I would rather die believing that to stay here’, this being the final step that leads to their escape from the underworld… We need first to escape from the ‘underworld’. Then, and only then will we be totally free…
A & P