Thursday, January 22, 2009


For CS Lewis he categorizes love into four elements but I will only talk about eros. Eros is “being in love” and this has nothing to do with the sexual desires. Lewis says that sexuality is an ingredient in the state of being in love so sex is not everything. Lewis calls the sexual desire as Venus.

I observe that in todays world people have venus over the eros. You’ll see this in the media, movies, songs and everywhere that people are driven by their sexual desires. This quick impulse has them make decisions which they regret or even destroy themselves. Another pain in the world for God. People tend to distort things to their own pleasures and excitement over the real purpose of creation. God created sex not for pleasure sake but for a higher purpose, for an intimate love relationship with a significant other. But no, we choose pleasure over anything. We want the temporary satisfaction rather than thinking about it long term.
Honestly, I do not know how to change our culture now. Because in Korea too, they are not taking sex seriously. People think it is ok to have premarital sex.

Human beings created the culture and we are being destroyed by our culture. I believe only God can change us from the inside.

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