Thursday, January 22, 2009

Man or Rabbit

The author tries to answer the question “can you lead a good life without believing in Christianity?” So his conclusion is that we cannot be good without God. In the last paragraph he writes “morality is a mountain which we cannot climb on our own efforts.” But I think the good life which Lewis argues is not true. I think that living a morally good life is possible without God and without Christianity because moral values does not only exist in Christianity but also in other religion and culture. For example in elementary school I was taught not to lie, to follow rules, to obey my parents, respect elders and to be nice to others. These are not taught in a Christian way but they are the values of a Christian.

I know a Japanese friend who has the character of an angel. She is a role model to the class by doing her studies well, being considerate to others, athletic but she is not a Christian. The reason why she is so good is because she was brought up in a culture and tradition that is being good. I can tell you that Japan is not even a Christian nation but their tradition can be morally excellent. So for this example how can Lewis say being moral is something that we cannot do it by ourselves. It is possible I guess.

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