Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Reason of Fall

So the fall now. Why was fall part of God’s creation? Many people ask and still do ask why God created the tree of knowledge because God is all knowing, didn’t he know that Eve was going to eat it? Maybe sometimes we ask too much. Sometimes we just need to have faith that what God is doing is right. Maybe he has a greater purpose for us. We need to sometime just accept the fact that we are fallen.

So why the fall? For me the best answer I can give is because of love. God is love and it is a two way thing. You give love and you receive it back. There are two sides of true love. Love is beautiful, joyful, and it’s a positive word. On the other hand it contains words such as sacrifice, pain sorrow. These two sides, the happy and the sad make up one true love. It is like a coin, there is no one side, it has to have these two.

So going back to creation, when God created the world, he needed something that would have pain, some sacrifice for his creation. Because without it, he cannot express his true love for us. Because we have fallen, he had to come down on Earth for us, to really show that he loves us. This is the major difference between Christianity and other religion. Our God came down on Earth for us, so that he may know us more in a personal level. God showed his true love by having Jesus die on the cross.

For example if I was a very good boy, following all the rules and commands that my parents have for me, obviously my parents would love me. It is easy to love when things are going the way they are. But the real challenge for my parent is when I start rebelling, when I don’t follow their rules and do things on my own. So when I disobey my parents and they have to pay the price for it, they have the choice to love me or not. If they truly love me, then they would forgive and consider me their child again. If they don’t truly love me, they would not want me anymore because I am a troublemaker.

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