Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mere Mere Mere

At the moment, I feel like I have eaten lunch and while I am still it is digesting it I take my next supper. The food from lunch and from dinner overlaps in my stomach and I don't feel quite well.
That is how I feel reading CS Lewis because I read one thing today and another on the second day. I do not have enough time letting my thoughts sink in with the content I read and I have to produce a blog everyday. Nonetheless I still have to write my blog today whether I have indigestion or a stomach ache.

In Mere Christianity CS Lewis tries to answer some of the questions that have not been answered.

I really enjoyed his analogy of the house. He says we are all in the same house, we all have the same core of beliefs in the Christian family of Evangelical, CRC, Presbyterian and many more. So whenever we have reached our own room we should be kind of those people who are still searching for the room, who are in the hall ways and to those who have chosen a different door than yourself.
If the door I chose is Presbyterian and the other door is CRC, although we practice our beliefs in a different way, we are still in the same family of Christ with the same core belief (such as believing in the Trinity, Jesus is our only savior and etc.) and I should not judge my neighbor because he is doing something different from me.
Human beings have the tendency to judge and dislike those who disagree with them and different from them. We have to remind ourselves that being different

Not only do we accept those in the hallways and in other rooms, we also have to pray for those who are wrong. The wrong who I think is those people who believe in other gods. What can we do for them? I think we can first start by praying for them.

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Kaitlyn said...

I love your analogy of your food and how it relates to reading Lewis. I totally agree! It has been hard for me to digest some of our readings because I keep eating and eating and don't take a break to let it settle.
I also like your simplicity; all we can do is pray. It can be discouraging to me sometimes that there isn't more I can do for others, more immediate results, but it is also comforting that God hears our prayers. There is a lot of power in them!