Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ideologically Tainted

The second reading was much more impenetrable than the first. In the first paragraph I understood he was talking about this new word ‘bulverism’. Then he goes on to explain that we exist in two new senses. One is Freudians which they explain the world that we exist in bundles of complexities. The other is the Marxians who interpret that we exist as members of some economic class. Then I got lost after that.

The next paragraph that made sense to me is when he mentions ‘it is admitted that the mind is affected by physical events.’ I have a personal opinion on this quote. I believe that everything that happens to us is created in our minds or the thought. Everything we see in this world was at some point in the mind of a person. Through their imagination and action, their idea was born into the physical world that we live in today.
I can categorize people into two groups. Two types of people in the world, one group thinks and acts. The other group acts then thinks. The difference between these two groups is that the first is not affected by the physical events but rather their thoughts influence their physical world.
For example if the first group has a positive mind and is very happy with life. One goes out the door and finds that it is raining (this is the physical event) but one is not mad or angry. Rather he is happy that it is raining and that it gives moisture to all living things to grow. In this sense, he is in control of his mind which the physical world does not influence him.
On the other side of the story, one’s thought is mad and negative about life. He goes out and finds the rain and his reaction will be negative which being mad and angry at the weather. He blames the weather for everything bad that happens and the physical event affects the person’s thoughts, then it affects their attitudes and their actions and so forth. See how we can control our thinking and change the way wee see things going around this world.

Men cannot change his or her physical events but men can change the way they think.
So that is what I do. I know the greatest gift God has given men is the power to think. My thoughts are either positive or negative, happy or sad, creative or destructive. That is all my choice. If I change my thoughts, the whole world changes. If I don’t, then it’s stagnate just like my thought.

“Nothing changes until you do.”

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