Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meditations in where?

“What an interesting text to read on the first day of class” I thought to myself. C.S Lewis has this new ideas and perspectives which people normally don’t see and it attracts the audience into this thoughts. I mean who would think of meditating in a toolshed, look at the beam of light that is coming through the cracks and write out a few pages of essay? I respect this man for his bizarre way of approaching things and I enjoy it.

I accept the notion of looking things along and at. I am familiar to look ‘at’ things not along. No I have not had many experiences and I am quick to judge rather than to think. What I hear from other people about their experiences spurs me to judge rather than understand and it is not easy to throw away this habit.
However I do want to mention that we look at things as we are not as they are. When we see a waterfall we have the judgement or glasses that the waterfall is pretty or ugly. Nothing is pretty or ugly, it is our thoughts that is pretty or ugly. It is the way we look at things. So when someone says if something is stupid, that is false. Nothing is stupid or smart, it’s the thought of the person that is stupid.

Through this course, I would like to learn how to look along things and form it to be my habit of looking at things. This would allow me to see the world as how God may have created it to be rather than man created it to be.

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