Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Goodness of Pain

If God is good and omnipotent, why doesn’t he do anything about the pain and suffering in the world? This question has been asked by non Christians and Christians trying to understand God. But many people seem to have trouble understanding pain in a Christian way.
As Kreeft says in his talking we think that a loving God is someone who is kind to us. What we really like is we want a grandfather in heaven rather than a loving father. Yes, the grandfather enjoys to see us what we want to do but he does not necessarily discipline us. I believe we need to shift our thinking from a grandfather God to a loving father.

Pain tingles many words such as suffering, sacrifice and sadness. People don’t like pain. They don’t like problems, hardships and troubles. But the thing people miss is that these troubling things is what makes us move forward for the better. Pain can hurt but at the same time it is a blessing. The most when I have learned to love God is not through the times of prosperity but the times of grief, anger and frustration. That is truly when I meet God, feel his presence and love for me.
So is pain really bad? I think it is beneficial for people to go through. Of course it is not a pleasant feeling but it turns out to be a blessing.

“No pain, no gain.”

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