Thursday, January 22, 2009

Abolition of everything

Lewis views that the modern system of education is failing to understand what it is to be human. C S Lewis criticizes the modern education because it is neglecting the emotions, which is the natural values and focuses on the reason. According to CS Lewis, this produces two problems, one is it produces empty chested man meaning that they have no emotions. We are producing men without chests, men without operative organs of apprehending objective values or natural law, or the tao.

Man’s conquest of Nature will be completed when human nature is conquered. Values will then be a thing for humans to produce and modify at will, not a thing to be guided by. So the only force left to motivate us will be the force of natural impulses which is the tao/ our emotions? So if we give up the tao, we don’t have any leverage to keep ourselves from falling.
People see values as subjective (influenced by feelings) rather than objective (independent of the subject).

So in the 3rd chapter Lewis asks: “what kind of society is this new education inserted?”

What kind of change do we need in our education? I propose some classes in our college core curriculum. The classes I propose are parenting and money management. These two are something that we all need living in this world and the college does a good job neglecting them. Maybe those little changes can bring some change. Hopefully.

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